Terms of Service
Update: 11/1/2017
This is the SayMosaic Terms of Use Agreement (this "Agreement"). This Agreement is a legal agreement between you, an individual, and SayMosaic, Inc. ("SayMosaic") regarding the use of the Mosey software ("Software"). By downloading, accessing or using our Software, you signify your agreement to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, do not use or access our software.

1. General. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California. Any dispute between you and SayMosaic regarding this Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Santa Clara County, California. This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and SayMosaic.

2. Privacy Policy. The Software contains features that collect information and transmit it to SayMosaic. For more information regarding our collection, protection, and disclosure of personal information, please review our Privacy Policy, which is can be found here.

3. About the Software. The Software provides services that allows you to operate your device(s) and access third party services through voice commands and simplified finger movements while driving a vehicle. The Software may access applications or other materials on your device provided by you or third parties (collectively, "Third Party Content"), and SayMosaic is not responsible for your use of Third Party Content and any resulting damages. For instance, SayMosaic is not responsible for any incorrect or dangerous map directions the Software may access from other applications on your device. You choose to use the Software at your own risk. You must comply with all laws regarding usage of devices while driving. SayMosaic is not responsible for any damages you or others may cause in any way related to your use of the Software or motor vehicles.

4. License. Subject to the restrictions within this Agreement, SayMosaic grants to you a non-exclusive license to install and use this software during the term as specified in Section 9. This license is meant solely for personal use and you may not use the Software for any commercial purposes. SayMosaic retains all rights, titles and interests (including all intellectual property rights) in and to the Software and grants no other rights, except those detailed in this section, to you.

5. Restrictions. You may not modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, rent, lease, loan, transfer, or copy any portion of the Software. You must not circumvent or disable any security or other technological features of the Software.

6. Feedback and User Content. If you provide any feedback or user content to SayMosaic (“Feedback”), you hereby grant to SayMosaic the unrestricted right to use your Feedback without payment to you for any purpose, including to improve the Software and create other products and services.

7. Other Services or Hardware Required. To use the Software, you may need a mobile device and data carrier coverage (collectively, "Other Services"). You are solely responsible for providing any Other Services and paying any attendant fees. Certain features may also require usage of third party services and applications. Review section 3 to understand how this terms of use applies to Third Party Content.

8. Remote Disable. The Software may contain a feature that allows SayMosaic to remotely disable the Software. When disabled, the Software may cease to function in some or all respects, and you may lose access to data made with or stored using the Software. The disabling of the Software is a necessary feature to enforce license rights and responsibilities conveyed under this Agreement.

9. Term and Termination. This Agreement will be effective upon either your execution of this Agreement or use of the Software. This Agreement will terminate immediately upon notice from SayMosaic. SayMosaic's rights and your obligations will survive the termination of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement by SayMosaic, you will remove or delete all copies of the Software from any of your devices.

10. NO WARRANTIES. The software is provided as-is. SayMosaic does not guarantee that the software is without errors or will achieve your intended results. SayMosaic does not guarantee this software will meet local law requirements for usage of devices in vehicles. SayMosaic and its licensors disclaims all warranties, be they express, implied or statutory.

11. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. SayMosaic’s liability for damages from this agreement will not exceed $25. SayMosaic will not be liable for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental or punitive damages, regardless of circumstances.

12. Indemnification. You will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SayMosaic (including all of its officers, employees, directors, subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, and agents) and SayMosaic's suppliers from and against any damages (including attorney's fees and expenses), claims, and lawsuits that arise or result from your use of the Software or motor vehicles, including property damage, personal injury, or death.