General Questions

How do I use voice control with Mosey?

You can access the voice control by simply saying “Hey Mosey” to your device, or alternatively tap on the mic symbol in the Mosey app screen to bring up the voice control window.

What voice commands does HeyMosey understand?

Below is a list of the voice search commands that we currently support:
Music / Podcast / News
- Find a specific title
  “Play Frank Sinatra”
  “Listen to Yellow Submarine”
  “Play News”
- Find content by specific artists/bands/series
  “Play music by Bruno Mars”
  “Get Songs by Imagine Dragons”
  “Play latest Ted Radio Hour”
- Find content by album
- Find content by genre
- Find content by artist
- Find content by mood
- Find content by time
- Find content by title

- Get directions by address
  “Directions to 1432 Lombard St”
  “Take me to 12 Raynor Ave”
- Search nearby locations
  “Find me a gas station”
  “Take me to Safeway”
  “Navigate to the closest coffee shop”

What are shortcuts and how do I use them?

Use shortcuts to quickly access the content you frequent. Scroll down to the bottom of the app page to locate the card labeled “Add Shortcut”, where you can add your favorite content to the main page for ease of access. You can also set up custom destination under the “Navigation” tab.

How to delete my shortcut?

You can delete your shortcut by tapping and holding your shortcut and drag the icon to the left, then tap on the “delete” button.

Does Mosey work with Android phone?

Mosey currently only supports IOS systems.